My Story

 My name is Hayley King Ryan, your Life & Mental Health Coach.

I help females put themselves front & center of their own journey by giving them the self-belief & tools to achieve their optimal wellbeing in body, mind & soul.

My journey started in 2005 when I started as a Personal Trainer. After about 3 years at it, it became increasingly aware to me that I was helping my clients physically but when it came to their emotional health, life in general & mindset, I had limited skills. I then studied Life Coaching, Mental Health Coaching & Counselling and went through an internal transformation myself from which I have never been the same. I learnt how to overcome self-doubt, live boldly, take more risks, and not care so much what others thought about me.

Fueled by my own internal transformation, I started to impact others around me for the better. They started to act bold, have more self-confidence, self-esteem & not care what others thought. So now that is what I do, every day, every session.

How do I do this? I show you how to take more risks, be brave & bold, reach your goals faster, and care less about what others think or expect of you! I have put my life’s work & passion into Coaching women physically, mentally & emotionally to overcome limiting thoughts & behaviours, so they can live their best life!


“Finally I see the pattern of events and beliefs that trigger my anger and anxiety, and how working on changing my beliefs created by events in my past I can finally move forward in a positive and helpful way. Once my emotions change, my behaviour will change, and I’ll finally be able to move forward in life!” – Cherie Setzer

“I love Hayley’s style of coaching as she is someone I feel I can really relate to. It’s practical and motivating and after just one session I’m fired up and ready to become a better version of myself.” – Gisele Gregory



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